An inter-dimensional intelligence. A secret drugs trial at a lunatic asylum. A patient with paranormal powers. Two separate lifetimes, six centuries apart. One thing connects them…

Unus Mundus is a Gothic metaphysical trilogy set in 1960s England and medieval France. First tagged as a “Transsexual Allegory” in 2004, it has been submitted to countless publishers all over the world, but without success. TILAETSYEHT. The average novel comes in at around 120,000 words. But Unus Mundus is just over one million words (at the last count), which makes it over eight times longer than the standard novel. I have no plans to shorten Unus Mundus for the citadel of modern commercial publishing.

BOOK I: ‘Death and The Maiden’

BOOK II: ‘The Janus’

BOOK III: ‘Uterus Vitreus’

Sample Chapter links are in maroon.

BOOK I: Death and The Maiden

BOOK II: The Janus’

BOOK III: Uterus Vitreus