Court Transcript

KREW. Before relating the spectral visions, I would like to speak of Enoch.  I must warn the bench, particularly those dogmatic sceptics, that what follows will challenge their understanding to the very limit of their wits. Alas, few amongst their ranks will believe me, let alone listen. For to understand the nature of visions, ’tis necessary to overcome the arrogant imputations of materialist reductionism. I fear materialists are very the harbingers of Apocalypse – an accusation which they themselves level at the faithful. ’Tis perverse indeed, that Christian eschatologists (whom materialists hold as primitive, fetishistic, and dangerous), predicted this state of affairs millennia ago. But need I point out that whilst scepticism is widespread in the New World, superstition is still deemed necessary for materialism to flourish, otherwise there would be naught for the sceptics to deny. The primary fetish of the sceptic is Nihilism. As with the resurrection of the Christ and the Holy Ghost, so ’tis with all ghosts. Christ and the world of spirit have been cast out of the New World, along with all things that go bump in the night. As far as the sceptic dogs are concerned, all things ghostly are childish fables or phantoms of the brain – one that must be drugged and electrocuted into submission, until all heretical perceptions are eliminated. (The secret purpose of psychiatry is to destroy those supersensible faculties which confirm the reality of Spirit; and only when a patient’s beliefs align with orthodox dogma is he safe for society).

Ezekiel saw a plain full of bones which stood up on their feet and became a great army. Moses saw the burning bush which was not burnt. Isaias saw God on His throne, and the blazing Seraphim, and the Holy altar from which a live coal was taken to cleanse his lips.[i] As for Enoch, he saw the very paths of the Angels. I shall not reveal the true nature of his transport, but needless to say, he was not in the way of Nature, but under the influence of an extraordinary supernatural agency. ’Twas not an imaginary vision, nor a product of his imagination, nor indeed a product of his intellectual faculties. For Enoch’s vision was more than just vision – twas the external manifestation of a being which does not ordinarily belong to the natural order of Earthly Time. Enoch was shown the very luminaries of the heavens, and their relations according to their classes, their dominion and their seasons, according to their names and places of origin, which Uriel, the holy angel, made known to him. Enoch beheld all the heavenly laws exactly as they are; how ’tis with men to all the years of their life; and how ’tis with the world ’til the new Heaven is accomplished which shall endure for eternity.

’Twas well for Enoch that his angelic abduction occurred in the Old World and not the New, or the militant materialists would have locked him in the madhouse. For the numen of his vision is an affront to nihilism. Any conflict between the state and individual is always taken as a symptom of psychopathology. And so ’tis with Jack Vallis, who’s soul is strung out like a wire between worlds. He is she, and she is he: Jacques Vallin and Jacqueline de Belloc. Yet both are Jack Vallis, the lunatic in 1963.

In the Old World, Jacqueline is about to be given revelations of her future incarnation. But from whence do these things come? The Devil deceiving, or God enlightening?

According to medical materialism, all ghostly apparitions are hallucinations – a word beloved by sceptics to explain away the visions of the Saints. Apparitions which are perceived by more than one person at a time are attributed to mass hysteria or group psychosis. Two affirmations beloved by sceptics (who are so oft’ duped by their own blindness). Of course, not all visions are the result of supernatural communication. Some are indeed the result of lunacy. Like the psychotic materialists, who, due to a complete lack of vision, behold the entire Universe as an accident, and cannot see that even the elements themselves are stamped with the hallmarks of authorship and infused with the handiwork of God.

The New World is defined not by the ascendency of Science, but rather by the insidious decay of Faith. The concept of Satan is but a dim memory from former times. The supernatural reality of the angelic kingdom is all but relegated to the past. Modern man has no need of God; he denies transubstantiation and the potency of the sacraments; he accounts all prophets and seers as madmen; he refutes miracles and despoils the holy shrines of Mother Earth. He looks upon the Deity with as much scorn and contempt as wizards, warlocks and witches. He does not pray, for to do so would acknowledge dependence on a non-temporal power greater than himself. In all regards, modern man is a psychotic ego-maniac, and one of the Devil’s very own.

I digress. I would ask materialists to use their common sense, but alas, common sense is not that common at all. Spiritual phenomena prove that materialism is false, and that neurological determinism is a dead-end. Thus in the New World, a very contrary situation arises. The Gnosticism of the desert fathers is as true as it ever was. The post-modern world is no more safe for witches than the Old; for ’tis controlled by malevolent secular forces, intent on their destruction. As the flame of Mary set fire to the scapular, and the scapular set fire to the heretics, so the materialists set fire to them again…

Copyright © Nicholas Shea 2020

i. Isaias, 6:6

Image credit: Enoch by William Blake. Lithograph 1807.